It’s been awhile since I’ve been here!

I do apologize for not showing up for a couple of weeks I have been singing and writing the last couple of weeks. I just posted a song called “Peter Pan” on Facebook my From The Heart page. Also the weekend before that I posted “Still Waiting on you” on Twitter so I have been kind of involved in all of that to come by and say hi. After the fact of singing a friend found me a music stand to hold my music on so look forward to seeing that in my next songs that are coming up. I am not sure what my next song will be as of yet.

Can’t believe that we are in the third month already in the year and with all of this weather we are supposed to get more yucky weather today with hail, storms, wind, rain kind of a repeat of our weather this weekend. I really hope the weather is wrong though so I don’t have to drive in this stuff going home tonight.

Thank You all for coming by and Ill be coming by again soon!!!


Mary Beth

From The Heart



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