This is Us

Do any of my readers enjoy watching this show that comes on every Tuesday night @ 9 pm? It seems after every episode I have new questions of what is going to happen next week. Now I am not going to be a spoiler and tell you anything that happened on last nights episode but I think that things are going to change rather quickly between Kate and Toby. Randall’s father (the one taking chemo) seemed in high spirits last night. Kevin the actor was wondering why the girl who was acting with him didn’t want to do anything outside of acting. She just wanted to act with him and be done. The Pearson kids (Rebbecca’s) celebrated their 10th birthday party last night. It was as usual an episode where you can waste tears on because that is how the show rolls every week. Maybe it is just me but this show has got to be the best show on a Tuesday night.



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