Funny how this happens

So a friend of mine the other day was reading the past post on one of my social networking pages. She said she thought the last post was a song and she thought that it was beautiful. She didn’t realize till the end this was how I felt at all. Maybe if I write down more of how I feel sometimes more songs can become awesome just like that one. #somethingnew in 2017..  I am always writing on the weekends and when I have time. You know what I don’t think that this will ever change. Because already I can tell my songs are amazing and people can’t wait to hear them..  I need to start writing down how I feel when I am happy though so I can get some songs in my head. LOL that is how I roll like that and I don’t care who is listening because I know in my heart that my songs are real, and original and they are not copy written in any way..  So with that being said I have done what I could with each song and people will like them and people will not like them all I can say is if I am happy with my song then that is all that matters. What the rest of the world thinks doesn’t matter to me. I won’t let this kind of stuff bother me…  I will just keep on writing and just be me..

Thank You All for Listening and Stay Tuned!!!

Mary Beth

From The Heart


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