Your Opinions Count!!!

So I wanted to let lay this out so everyone can see this.

Did I do something wrong again or make another mistake that shouldn’t have been done?

Seems like I am the talk of the town again and people are watching me.

Not trying to be better than anyone else just trying to do what I do best.

When you don’t talk I think I am to blame.

I have no shame at all and Ill be fine.

So go on and make new connections with others.

Don’t worry about me I will keep doing what I do best.

If this is the way you want to be.

Then I guess I passed the test.

Everything is different and nothing is the same.

And I  feel like I am to blame.

Not going to hide anymore.

I will make more connections without you.

I will never leave and I will be here.

Till I here from you again I guess this is goodbye…

(PS this is not a poem this is from the heart how I feel)

Thank You

Mary Beth

(From The Heart)


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