Happy New Year Fellow Writers

How was everyone’s New Years and I hope that you celebrated with family and friends like I did. So this is the address for my website that I published on New Year’s Day. from-the-heart,my-free.website. I think that this is accurate if this is not I will find out what it is later. Also I finally got a new cd in the mail to listen to yesterday remember I was telling you about Grace Vanderwaal well I got her new EP cd in the mail yesterday. I have listened to it already and it was brilliant. If you loved her at all on Ameirca’s Got Talent you will love her even more now. I honestly think that she is ready to make a new cd this year. This was just only the beginning for her with this EP cd. So now I am wondering if Grace will actually be reading this because I have been telling everyone I know about this little girl from New York named Grace Vanderwaal and when this girl picks up a ukulele sweet things happen every time… All I got to say is Grace thank you for inspiring me by starting to play the ukulele myself.


Thank You!!

Mary Beth

AKA From The Heart


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