This is Us

Do any of my readers enjoy watching this show that comes on every Tuesday night @ 9 pm? It seems after every episode I have new questions of what is going to happen next week. Now I am not going to be a spoiler and tell you anything that happened on last nights episode but I think that things are going to change rather quickly between Kate and Toby. Randall’s father (the one taking chemo) seemed in high spirits last night. Kevin the actor was wondering why the girl who was acting with him didn’t want to do anything outside of acting. She just wanted to act with him and be done. The Pearson kids (Rebbecca’s) celebrated their 10th birthday party last night. It was as usual an episode where you can waste tears on because that is how the show rolls every week. Maybe it is just me but this show has got to be the best show on a Tuesday night.


People’s Choice Awards

Did you all catch the People’s Choice awards last night? I only got to see some of it but I did enjoy it while I was watching it. The only reason why I watched was because This Is Us was nominated and Fuller House was nominated. They both won awards last night and I am super happy for both of them. Both of them really deserved to win. I have been out of the loop on movies for awhile because I haven’t gone to the movies in a good while so I really can’t comment on who won or lost in that category. What are your thoughts if you were able to catch the awards show last night?



Funny how this happens

So a friend of mine the other day was reading the past post on one of my social networking pages. She said she thought the last post was a song and she thought that it was beautiful. She didn’t realize till the end this was how I felt at all. Maybe if I write down more of how I feel sometimes more songs can become awesome just like that one. #somethingnew in 2017..  I am always writing on the weekends and when I have time. You know what I don’t think that this will ever change. Because already I can tell my songs are amazing and people can’t wait to hear them..  I need to start writing down how I feel when I am happy though so I can get some songs in my head. LOL that is how I roll like that and I don’t care who is listening because I know in my heart that my songs are real, and original and they are not copy written in any way..  So with that being said I have done what I could with each song and people will like them and people will not like them all I can say is if I am happy with my song then that is all that matters. What the rest of the world thinks doesn’t matter to me. I won’t let this kind of stuff bother me…  I will just keep on writing and just be me..

Thank You All for Listening and Stay Tuned!!!

Mary Beth

From The Heart

Your Opinions Count!!!

So I wanted to let lay this out so everyone can see this.

Did I do something wrong again or make another mistake that shouldn’t have been done?

Seems like I am the talk of the town again and people are watching me.

Not trying to be better than anyone else just trying to do what I do best.

When you don’t talk I think I am to blame.

I have no shame at all and Ill be fine.

So go on and make new connections with others.

Don’t worry about me I will keep doing what I do best.

If this is the way you want to be.

Then I guess I passed the test.

Everything is different and nothing is the same.

And I  feel like I am to blame.

Not going to hide anymore.

I will make more connections without you.

I will never leave and I will be here.

Till I here from you again I guess this is goodbye…

(PS this is not a poem this is from the heart how I feel)

Thank You

Mary Beth

(From The Heart)

Happy New Year Fellow Writers

How was everyone’s New Years and I hope that you celebrated with family and friends like I did. So this is the address for my website that I published on New Year’s Day. from-the-heart, I think that this is accurate if this is not I will find out what it is later. Also I finally got a new cd in the mail to listen to yesterday remember I was telling you about Grace Vanderwaal well I got her new EP cd in the mail yesterday. I have listened to it already and it was brilliant. If you loved her at all on Ameirca’s Got Talent you will love her even more now. I honestly think that she is ready to make a new cd this year. This was just only the beginning for her with this EP cd. So now I am wondering if Grace will actually be reading this because I have been telling everyone I know about this little girl from New York named Grace Vanderwaal and when this girl picks up a ukulele sweet things happen every time… All I got to say is Grace thank you for inspiring me by starting to play the ukulele myself.


Thank You!!

Mary Beth

AKA From The Heart