Songs for 2017

So guys I have been working on my songs already for Jan and Feb of next year. One is called a Rose For You and the other is called You Need Courage. I am already thinking about songs for March-November of next year already. Get ready for some new stuff that you haven’t heard before. There will also be some that will express the emotional side of me. However all of these songs that I am doing aren’t made up they are my original songs and they explain a lot if you listen to them carefully.

You are probably thinking well you missed a song for December of next year. That is where you are wrong. I am actually going to keep this one a surprise because this one I don’t even know how this one will end up. But I will tell you, that it will be a lot like Where are You Christmas from the Grinch who stole Christmas. But it won’t be the same at all.

Get ready for a new twist on my songs in 2017…

Thank You

Mary Beth

“From The Heart”



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