A Christmas Party at work today

So today we had a Christmas party meet and greet at work. Where we went up to each floor and ate and visited co workers. So keep in mind we have about 100 people working in one building and each floor is responsible about bringing in something to share. Well the problem was there wasn’t enough food to go around. We needed more people to bring lunch food in and when all of that is gone, what is left desserts galore on each floor.

The floor I was on brought in Chic Fil A and pizza the second floor had wings, pizza, and cheese bread, well by the time I got to the third floor there was no sandwiches left and I think when I hit the third floor there was only pretzels, snacks, and desserts left.

I hardly had any pizza and Chic Fil A from my floor and then I went to the second floor and they had some pizza and wings, and cheese bread left over. Then I went to the third floor and all of the sandwiches were gone. So to put it lightly I hardly had any lunch today but I guess I had enough to keep me till the afternoon.

Pretty soon I will be getting dessert from each floor and I will be getting whatever is left I guess. I don’t think there will be plenty though.

Merry Christmas Everyone


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