The First Coldest Weekend This Year

So I don’t know about where you all live but this is going to be the first coldest weekend here in my hometown. The forecast calls for snow and sleet tonight into tomorrow morning. I have an early doctor apt before 9 am tomorrow so I am going to be a little nervous driving tomorrow if it is icy on the roads. I might have to put some salt down in the am so I don’t fall going to my car in the am. Not sure if I am ready for all of that white stuff this early in the season. #HopeItPassesUs. With the colder air it is of course colder at work today.

After my appt in the am, I am so ready just to stay inside it is supposed to be rainy tomorrow. Maybe I will watch some Netflix with my boyfriend tomorrow since I won’t have to go anywhere at all.  Then of course Sunday is my regular morning church and then watching the football game in the afternoon with some friends and going out to eat in the afternoon. #Ihavethebestfriendseva

Thank You for reading and Happy Holidays!!



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