Music Friday

So usually Friday’s are quiet in our office where I work. So I bring a cd from home that I can listen to. Today I am gonna listen to Carrie Underwood (Storyteller). This is her newest one and I love all of the songs on that cd. I know that there is a lot of competition between her and other artists but you know what they are all the same person. They just bring different songs to their music which is the most amazing part because each artist has their own way of singing and bringing their music. So this is a list of cd’s that I have yet to own. Grace Vanderwaal EP (short cd) Miranda Lambert(WeightofTheseWings) those are my main requests for right now. I sure hope one of these will fall on my doorstep on Christmas or at least a gift card to buy them.

So today is gonna be a short blog but I hope that you learned something new about me today that you didn’t know before.


Thank You

Mary Beth

From The Heart


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