Life Is All About Lessons

In life, there are lessons every day. Some you will forget right away and then there are some that you will never forget. To be completely honest I have had a bunch of them that I will never forget. I have become a better person that I am today because of half of the lessons that I have learned. I will never forget some of the people that I have talked to because some of those conversations meant the world to me. Although we may not be talking now I have gained a bunch of new people that I have the same type of conversations with. Those kinds of conversations mean everything to me because those people could end up changing your life and you will not regret a second of it. So you are probably wondering by now why I am talking about this.

Let me get right to the point!!! I used to judge people on the outside and I was missing out what really counts what people don’t see. It is the inside of those people that really counted and I always overlooked that and I think that a lot of those conversations changed my way of thinking. Me thinking that I was all ms perfect however I was missing a big piece of the puzzle. So one day I just said that I am going to start looking at the heart and I realized that what is in the heart is the most important thing. What you see on the outside could be great but what you see on the inside is what really matters the most.

There is my blog for today and I hope that you all found this informative and I hope that you all might have learned something new about me today.

Thank you for reading!!!

Mary Beth

From The Heart!!!


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