Hairspray Live It’s Today

OK who is excited to see Hairspray Live tonight on their TV’s?????  MEEEEEEE….  I have been looking forward to this for so long now and it is finally here. If you can’t watch it tonight then you can always go back and watch it later if you are able to that is what is neat. I loved the movie and now I will watch it live from my living room..  I can’t wait to see them all on stage again tonight. Another thing about me is that I am a big theater person when a show comes and I have the money to attend. I will do anything to make it there. Hairspray will come on around 8 pm.

The first big performance that I saw on Broadway was Grease back in 2008 I think. I went all the way to New York City with a few of my friends and it was the perfect day to see a show it wasn’t too hot or cold out when we went. Last Christmas I went to see The Lion King on Broadway and it was so great in New York City. The cast was great and the music was amazing. Those are just two of the big shows that I have seen don’t get me started with the shows in my hometown. I have seen so many of them I have a collection of them at home.

So that is a little more about me that you might not have known before and I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

Be sure to watch Hairspray and you never know I might be blogging about it here.




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