It’s December

Which means you probably won’t hear much from me till after Christmas. The only reason is because it is one of the busiest times of the year. From shopping, to gathering, to wrapping, and then decorating. It is all fun though and I have so many friends and family that I want to see during the holidays. I actually start celebrating the day after Thanksgiving by getting together with people because you don’t know when you will see the same people again. So this weekend is a big weekend with my church that I go to. We are having our Christmas festival with games, rides, music, food, vendors, etc. This is only the second year of them doing this but I will look forward to something like this every year. I even asked them if they would enjoy me singing during the event so I am still waiting for a final word on that. If they want me to sing I will post a video on this so you will get a glimpse of some of my work. By the way I did get in touch with one of the committees by Email and they said that they have all the talent that they need for this year. I was super excited to perform but however, with how cold it is going to be this weekend yet again I am glad that I won’t have to now. Plus they will even show a movie inside this year. Everything was outside last year and it was as cold as the North Pole. Get your jackets, earmuffs, scarves, gloves because we are getting the blast of cold air…..

Sometimes I feel like this is what I was born to do and I have enjoyed the ride thus far. I really can’t wait to see what the future holds for me next year when my website comes available. I am hoping that 2017 will hold more happiness rather than hate to everyone. That is what I wish for all of you during the holiday season and for 2017.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!!!!

Mary Beth

(From The Heart)




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