Write It Down

Maybe it is just me but you always have to wonder about the relationship that you are in. You just never know when the something more than friends start unless you ask. Usually it is the girls that ask the question to the guy. Sometimes you know when you are going to go beyond friends and then sometimes you just know when there is nothing there and you just want to stay friends.

Should we sing about it? Maybe asking when the other one will make the next move it always shouldn’t be up to the girls to make the next move. I mean this is 2016 almost 2017. Write your feelings on some paper from the drawer grab a pen from the desk. Just sit and think how am I feeling again and write it down. You never know it could be your next hit or maybe its just ideas for now but all I have to say is Write it down.

But what if we decide to be more than friends than what do you do? What do you say? Should I let him say something and just keep quiet or should I start the conversation? All I am going to say is Write It Down. Never know what the other person is thinking because they don’t hardly tell us and they assume we know what they are thinking. Maybe I should put this live on air where they can hear me?

Sure go ahead and do it they could be listening and then they could just grab you and tell you the answer. Or they could call or text you immediately and tell you the answer but they might just want to wait till they see you in person again. Conversations don’t go well if they are not doing this in person. I have had relationships in the past where we broke up by Email.  (not a joke this is a true story). However, it is my fault because I wasn’t able to meet him at a convenient time. It took me a whole year to get over that one. Now I am glad that I waited because what I have now is better than I had back then.


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