Songs for 2017

So guys I have been working on my songs already for Jan and Feb of next year. One is called a Rose For You and the other is called You Need Courage. I am already thinking about songs for March-November of next year already. Get ready for some new stuff that you haven’t heard before. There will also be some that will express the emotional side of me. However all of these songs that I am doing aren’t made up they are my original songs and they explain a lot if you listen to them carefully.

You are probably thinking well you missed a song for December of next year. That is where you are wrong. I am actually going to keep this one a surprise because this one I don’t even know how this one will end up. But I will tell you, that it will be a lot like Where are You Christmas from the Grinch who stole Christmas. But it won’t be the same at all.

Get ready for a new twist on my songs in 2017…

Thank You

Mary Beth

“From The Heart”


Just four More Days

In case you just started following me just four more days till my website becomes available for all of you. I will be starting this page up New Years Day Jan 1, 2017. I am very excited about sharing this page with all of you that I have been working on for a couple of months. I didn’t want to share with all of you till I thought that it was perfect.

Please tell your friends and family about this wonderful website once it becomes available. I hope that bring a lot of interest to my normal page called From The Heart on Facebook. I will be even adding some videos on Twitter as well if you follow me on there. But I will mainly post these on my Facebook page. If you have an interest in my music please follow me From The Heart on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank You

What are you Doing New Years Eve?

So there is a song about the topic today anyone heard it before? I heard it on a Country Christmas holiday special this year before Christmas. No I don’t want to know any of your plans I just thought the song would fit for today. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and now we look forward to ringing in the New Year. I don’t know about all of you but with everything happening in this crazy world today I kind of need a fresh page and I think we all do. We all need a lot more happiness than sadness. We all need to start thinking positive about everything rather than automatically thinking that things are not going to go well. It only takes one person to put a smile on someone’s face but it takes a team of people to help others that need it the most not just for the holidays this should happen everyday no matter what day it is. Just a simple gesture can change the world for someone else.

Also we might venture out NYE and watch the duck drop in our home town with fireworks after yes a duck (manmade) drops at midnight with fireworks. I have never seen it if it isn’t too cold we might do this.

Something to think about!!!

Thank You for reading and Happy New Year!!

Mary Beth

From The Heart

A Christmas Party at work today

So today we had a Christmas party meet and greet at work. Where we went up to each floor and ate and visited co workers. So keep in mind we have about 100 people working in one building and each floor is responsible about bringing in something to share. Well the problem was there wasn’t enough food to go around. We needed more people to bring lunch food in and when all of that is gone, what is left desserts galore on each floor.

The floor I was on brought in Chic Fil A and pizza the second floor had wings, pizza, and cheese bread, well by the time I got to the third floor there was no sandwiches left and I think when I hit the third floor there was only pretzels, snacks, and desserts left.

I hardly had any pizza and Chic Fil A from my floor and then I went to the second floor and they had some pizza and wings, and cheese bread left over. Then I went to the third floor and all of the sandwiches were gone. So to put it lightly I hardly had any lunch today but I guess I had enough to keep me till the afternoon.

Pretty soon I will be getting dessert from each floor and I will be getting whatever is left I guess. I don’t think there will be plenty though.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Holiday Special on America’s Got Talent

Well I am a huge fan of America’s Got Talent and tonight for the holidays they are bringing back past acts that were on AGT. Including Grace Vanderwaal who was the winner this past season. I so can’t wait to see this girl again and I can’t stop talking about her. She is only 12 years old and when she plays that ukulele something amazing comes out of her. She literally stole America’s heart and votes every week. The other one that I think is coming back unless they changed it is Brian Justin Crumm he was so very good this season and he performed perfect every week. I think that one of the dog acts are coming back after that I am not sure. But this special comes on NBC tonight @ 8 pm. All of the judges should be there Howie, Heidi, Mel and Simon. I am sure that this is a holiday show that you don’t want to miss out on. So check to see what channel this comes on in your area so you don’t miss out on this holiday event.

Thank you for reading all of my posts guys I really do appreciate it very much and I hope that you all have a great day…  6 days till Christmas folks I hope that you all have your shopping and wrapping done and everything is ready for the big day. I know that I still have to clean this week since Christmas is always at my house.



A little bit of a preview of my website!!

So you asked so all I can say is that I will put all of my news on there and Twitter and share them in my moments. Find me on Twitter (From The Heart). I changed it up to match my website coming up in January. I have included how I started singing, and some more information as well will be shared on my website. So bring your friends follow me on Twitter if you aren’t following me already. Add my page From the Heart on Facebook where I put all of my songs at.

Sit back and Enjoy!!!

Mary Beth

From The Heart

The First Coldest Weekend This Year

So I don’t know about where you all live but this is going to be the first coldest weekend here in my hometown. The forecast calls for snow and sleet tonight into tomorrow morning. I have an early doctor apt before 9 am tomorrow so I am going to be a little nervous driving tomorrow if it is icy on the roads. I might have to put some salt down in the am so I don’t fall going to my car in the am. Not sure if I am ready for all of that white stuff this early in the season. #HopeItPassesUs. With the colder air it is of course colder at work today.

After my appt in the am, I am so ready just to stay inside it is supposed to be rainy tomorrow. Maybe I will watch some Netflix with my boyfriend tomorrow since I won’t have to go anywhere at all.  Then of course Sunday is my regular morning church and then watching the football game in the afternoon with some friends and going out to eat in the afternoon. #Ihavethebestfriendseva

Thank You for reading and Happy Holidays!!