Sometimes you Just have to Sing

Well I know that you all know the line sometimes you gotta dance, pray etc. Well how about I reword that saying by adding the word sing. Everyone has their own hobbies and singing happens to be mine. I sing about anything and everything. Singing just gets you through something called life in the good and bad times. Sometimes I even add emotion in my songs that I sing and I think that really brings people to the artist and their song. I watch a lot of the singing shows on tv as well and I learn from a lot of those artists. It takes a lot to bring emotion into your songs and sometimes you just have to write it all out first on paper and then practice it. When you practice it you always seem to re write it over again and again and again. Believe me I have done that so many times. Sometimes I think of another song to sing or blend two songs together.

Some of the times songs just come to me and some I just have to start writing and later on think that they have to be shortened because they are too long. So that is where the blending of two songs come in. So that is another reason why I have started blogging about singing because I write about it so I might as well blog about it and see what happens. There is no bad song out there people may like them and then people won’t like them it is their opinion. However, if they tell you it is a bad song just continue singing anyways and practice it. People have an opinion about everything these days.

One of my favorite quotes that I like to say is this from the movie Frozen.

“Let It Go”

A lot of my songs are based on relationships because I am in one. Most of them are happy and then there are some about breakups.

Some are about cafe’s and then some are just about sitting here with you.

Write about how you feel, practice and see what happens. If you need to change something put it in the song and take stuff out. That is the fun part of the song where you take stuff out and put other stuff in to replace it. The options you have of being a song writer are limitless.

Sometimes you just got to sing to get through life. You never know you will find out that you have talent with your voice or an instrument. (Take it from me from a person that didn’t know that she had talent with an instrument to someone who could change the song) with a ukulele.

Sometimes like I said earlier you think of another song when doing a song and you can put the both together to make it yours.

Hope this inspires you!!!

Mary Beth (From The Heart)







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