Singing Can Make Your Day Better

Easier said than done right? Well believe it or not singing does make your mood in a better state. I do it all of the time and once I start singing I want to sing more because I like being happy. I like making other people happy as well. If you aren’t the best singer than that is ok you can always put your favorite music on that is exactly how I started singing because music always makes me happy.

This picture was taken this summer when I was on the street singing some of my songs.

Whether you are sad or depressed etc singing just for a few minutes can make your day better everyday. Also get a group together and talk about it or put yourself out there and write about your story.




5 thoughts on “Singing Can Make Your Day Better

  1. I think I always have a song in my head and much of the time in my heart. Sometimes it is because I heard it on the radio or TV, but often it just comes to me because I need it at that particular moment.

      1. I can’t actually sing, I mean I used to be able to carry a tune; however I had an accident that left scar tissue on my vocal chords and I have a monotone growl now but in my soul I am a perfect soprano! šŸ™‚

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