My Songs Are Original and From The Heart

Hello let me start by introducing myself and my group and how I have started doing all of my singing.

My name is Mary Beth and I started singing about a couple of years ago and when I decided to stop pursuing school any longer because it was taking too long I decided to fill up my time that I have on the weekends with singing. So I did that and when I was watching a show called Americas Got Talent this summer, I kept on thinking that a kid was going to win in the end however, I liked others as well. This girl named Grace Vanderwaal was the girl that stole Americas heart. Every week she would sing on stage with her ukulele keep in mind she is only 12 years old. So she was the one that won everything last season. She is now this big super star and she didn’t even know it.

So that is why I decided to pick up a ukulele myself and I just started playing around with it and it has been a great addition with my original songs that I do. Everything that I have done has not been original till this summer. I was talking to a restaurant where I live at and they said that they do except talent in their café but they were booked up for the rest of the season and they are only open till 3:00 pm in the afternoon. This is where I started doing a bunch of original songs in this time frame and I haven’t stopped since.

A  little bit more of what kind of songs that I do for all of you. I am basically a country girl and I love my country music but however, I will mix it up sometimes and do songs that are out of my comfort zone. I am really not wanting to be a performer but I just want to get my songs out there for others to hear. I hope that I put a smile to your face just as much as I have enjoyed singing all of the original songs for you.

I hope that I have gotten your attention and I hope that you will stay tuned to the rest of these posts and my website coming to a computer near you called From The Heart in January of  2017.

Thank You All For Coming and please come back and bring your friends..  Feel free to follow me if you would like.



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