Any Ideas on an Original Song?

If you guys have any ideas on an original song that you would like to hear please feel free to comment on this blog. I do mostly country but if you want me to step out of my comfort zone and do something different I can work on that. I am really hoping to bring you guys new music starting next year and I can put it in my website when it is up and running. I already have some original songs that I have been working on:

They include:

Hey God, Peter Pan, The whole world knows my name, and Tornado…  More to come on these when my website is up and running.

Also I was thinking of more input on this one last night when I was at a stop light. Do you ever start thinking of a song when you are waiting for the light to turn green or if you hear something on the radio you think of another title for your song so you don’t steal the artists? I do this all the time. Also I maybe take the artists song and revamp the song to make it mine. I see a lot of artists doing this on tv shows now and they seem to win America’s heart by doing so. So it definitely can make it into a different song even though it might be there song.

Thoughts on some new songs are:

Just Shut Up and Drive

Green Light

This is Gonna Hit Me

Please let me know what you all think!!!





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