Strumming The Ukuelle

I have read that there are a number of different strumming patterns. Which one is the best or does it vary with the tempo of the song that I am doing fast or slow. I have seen a lot of Maddie Poppe’s songs (Winner of American Idol 2018). So I am not sure if learning another artists stuff would help me with the strumming patterns or not (the guitar and uke) are almost alike. I think if I am doing  a slower song I would strum slow or not as often. If I am doing a quicker song I would have to strum more for that song.

Any experienced artists out there would be great.

Thank You

From The Heart

How To Memorize the Notes On The Uke!!

So I am trying to remember the note and key when I play but I always seem to forget. So I guess my next plan is to practice more. So starting in August that is what I will donate my time to on the weekends. Can anyone with experience give me any tips in this subject? I would love to learn during the week but however, I don’t have the opportunity to do so as much as I would like to. I do have the tuning part of the ukulele down so that is a good thing.

Thank you for reading and if you have any insight on this please send it my way and I will be able to play.

One more question when it comes to a song that I wrote and I play on the uke and it is a popular song that you might know from the radio but I have changed some of the words to make it my own, can I just add my own notes when I play or does it have to be based on the original artists notes when you play the song?

I’m Back and Better then ever!!!

Hello all I took off for awhile to see where my music and writing was taking me. Well now I am doing my first show tonight in my hometown where I live at. All of the money that I get from my show will be given to the American Red Cross. I realize that there are more people out there in the world today that need help and why not support them through my shows that I do. I am really just doing this all for fun on the weekends because it gives me something to look forward to and to put a smile on your face. Please tell your friends and family about me.

Thank You very much and come back often.

From The Heart!!