How I Won Working At my Job

When I first started at my current job back in 2014 which is the front desk opportunity I have now it was definitely a challenge and I am still learning till this day. Besides answering the phones every day and answering basic customer questions I had a lot of learning to do. It was all going to take a lot of practice to get to the place where I am at today.

There was a lot to remember so I would start out by labeling and organizing my work first. I would make reminders to check every couple of days to see if work has been processed or not in the system. I would stay on top of things by printing work completed out so I can check in a few days. I had to be organized to work at the front desk and I had to know exactly where everything was.

When it came to answering the phone and helping guests, I would have to really listen to see what they needed and if I wasn’t able to answer the questions, I would have to pass along to the staff in the office which was over 100 people and I will get to more specifics in a minute. So I achieved a small goal here and I was working on my next step to succeed.

So like I said before I work with 100 plus people everyday which includes my team of 12 other staffers and assistants, my branch chief and team leader. Then I also work with 8 other teams as well that include: Branch Chiefs, Team Leaders, and staffers and assistants. I feel challenged every day working with this organization and we have come a long way from day one all of us have. Everyday is still a test for me to show them what I can and can not do. Everyday is still a learning curve for me and I learn something different everyday.

So this is how the plan worked on getting me to today. I had to prioritize everything, makes notes on everything, and remind myself daily of different tasks and roles at work. But it doesn’t stop there, I had to perform well and I had to have the front desk be my stage daily. I had to volunteer, was the first one to raise their hand for opportunity, and I wanted to be valuable in my job. I am not waiting for another missed opportunity and I am not waiting on the sidelines anymore. I have to bring the work to me if I don’t then it will go to someone else.

So I guess to put a big mark in the books I had to figure out what else needed to be done to get up to that higher level etc. This has been a great journey that has lasted for over 20 years and I love what I do daily and I love coming to work working with everyone. Something to think about if you need to have a change in your career try something new everyday and you will never know where it will take you.

Thank You for reading my first blog and I just felt like I needed a change here maybe I will get more listeners and more posts this time around.

Thank You!!

Mary Beth